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Sufferance & Bonded Warehouse and Crating

We are among the most recognized Sufferance and Bonded Warehouses in Canada, located on the East Coast.

Our 40,000 square foot warehouse is equipped with typical dock level doors, and we offer a value-added service of an extra-large drive-in door.  This warehouse layout is perfect to handle everything from the simplest palletized freight to the most complicated cargo.

Remember, regardless of size, all freight can be safely stored indoors, in a secure temperature-controlled area.

Additionally, we are among the few warehousing companies in Canada, which maintains both customs and sufferance storage bonds.   Our goal is to provide a variety of choices, so we can offer our clients a tailored solution to their storage needs.

To know more about your sufferance and bonded warehousing options in Canada, contact our experienced team.

CBSA licenses Sufferance Warehouses which are privately owned and operated storage facilities.  This allows the end customers to delay paying duty.

This means, that the goods which you store in a sufferance warehouse:
    – have been admitted into Canada,
    – but have not yet been cleared for release.

You can benefit from the Sufferance Warehouse storage if you are looking for short term storage only. 

If you want to know which goods are eligible for sufferance warehousing storage, please contact our experienced team.  


CBSA licenses Bonded warehouses which are operated by private companies or individuals. 

Once we place your goods in a bonded warehouse, you can consider that they are already imported into Canada.  However, we won’t yet release the goods, and you don’t have to pay duty yet. 

Customs bonded warehouses are designed for long term storage. In this respect, we can place your goods in a bonded warehouse for up to four years. 

For example, goods that you import to be re-exported (thus not being subject to duty) or back-up inventory that isn’t needed in circulation yet, could all be in a customs bonded warehouse. 

To know more about your bonded warehousing storage options, contact our experienced team.


As another example of how we offer special value-added services to our clients, Lighthouse Transportation is one of a handful of companies offering internationally compliant crates.

Lighthouse Transportation follows the policy directive D-01-05: the Canadian Wood Packaging Certification Program (CWPCP).  

This is a regulatory certification system that allows us to build packaging products that meet the internationally accepted phytosanitary standards. In the simplest of terms, our wood packaging is treated to keep potentially dangerous pests and diseases from crossing international borders and destroying sensitive eco systems. Our crates and pallets are all stamped with the Canadian Wood Packaging International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) symbol.

This symbol allows our clients’ freight to seamlessly cross borders and arrive safely at the destination.  Our team takes their job seriously to ensure that our clients receive a crate that will meet this lofty international standard. 

The potential fallout from non-compliant packaging can be devastating for a client.  When freight does not meet import/export requirements, foreign countries could refuse the freight entry into the territory. Moreover, companies could get a suspension of their trading privileges, and the company may be subject to domestic penalties or fines levied by CFIA. 

To know more about your International Crating, contact our experienced team.

We are here to help you with all of your freight transportation, warehousing and crating needs.