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At Lighthouse Transport we offer a variety of options when it comes to flat deck trailers moves.  We have traditional flats, steps, low boys and double drops.

As the needs of our clients evolved, Lighthouse Transportation responded by offering a wider array of equipment to better fulfill their needs.  We now have a fleet of deck equipment that spans from a simple flat deck to the more specialized low pro and step decks.  Many of these deck options also have a curtain side.  This is a safer and easier way to keep our clients freight protected when tarping or extra coverage is requested.

The flat deck trailer and truck offers many benefits to alleviate the handling of the shipment.  When the tarp or netting is removed, your freighted goods will be easily accessible to be removed from the truck.  This provides a smoother and faster process for loading and unloading.

Moreover, Step Deck transportation offers many additional benefits:

  • Ease of Access for Forklifts: Given that step decks are closer to the ground, forklifts are able to load and unload in an easier and safer way.  This is particularly helpful with heavy loads.
  • Height/Over-sized:  With a step deck we can transport loads with non-standard height.  This gives an advantage of loading the goods on a low bed truck where you can avoid any height restrictions. 

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