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An East Coast Partner You Can Count On

Since 1980, Lighthouse Transport has been engaged with and retained by customers to offer innovative solutions to their transportation needs.  Our extensive experience solving our client’s problems, gave us a solid expertise on many fronts. We handled many different situations and we  successfully overcame all the challenges.    Our services strengths are in Ground Shipping with a large Warehouse.

Our key differentiation points, compared to others in our industry, is that we:

  1. Provide our clients with a single point of contact to transport their freight into or out of the East Coast.  
  2. We provide near real time updates about the status of the shipment and its location.
  3. We provide you with a worry free customer experience. 

What To Expect From Your East Coast Partner

Industry Knowledge

Our current customers would tell you that we can do it all. While that might be a bold statement to make, we certainly do our best to share our knowledge to help our customers navigate the complex world of transportation. 

  • In-Bond Shipments
    Do you need to resolve a problem with in-bond shipments?  Our experienced staff is dealing with customs procedures and paperwork on a daily basis. 
  • Large Scale Projects
    Do you have a large-scale project moving through the Port of Halifax?  Our dedicated staff for port services will take care of your shipment. 

One project which we handled in the past, says it all! We picked up, de-stuffed, stored and shipped over 400 containers for the Newfoundland hydro project

  • Wood Packaging
    Do you need to ensure that the wood packaging for your export meets international standards?  We are a Certified International Wood Packaging Provider (CWPCP) IPPC Certified.

Our custom international crating facility will ensure that your freight will arrive overseas safely.  


Lighthouse Transport can handle challenging requests. The deep level of knowledge by our team members means we can quickly come up with a solution. We are more nimble than large transportation companies and can tailor solutions to individual client’s needs. Our resources are available to handle a broad spectrum of requests.

Personalized Service

Ground Shipping & Warehouse.

Care and consideration are often referenced as qualities of the Lighthouse team. Questions get answered quickly and status updates are immediate. Although our standard working hours are 9am to 5pm, we do handle urgent requests outside of these working hours.  We understand that agility and availability of staff is key to a successful transportation project.  We do not count hours, we count successful projects!

Our Management Team

Colleen O'Toole


Dennis O'Toole

Operations Manager

Rick Duggan

Sales & Corporate Development